How To Pick A Lock Like A Pro

How to pick a lock like a pro. Pin and tumbler lock picking is pretty easy. You can even do it with with homemade lock picks. Many pin and tumbler locks have five or six pins. These types of locks include standard padlocks, door knobs, deadbolts, and some vehicles, which can include double sided pin and tumbler lock mechanism. These locks offer you the best security for the best price, but, as the price is generally pretty low, they will not offer very much security against an amateur such as yourself. Here are some tricks that will help get you started picking! You will want to use the rake or hook but the ball picks are not effective. Want to know specifically how to pick a lock with tumblers? Keep reading.

How To Pick A Lock

Learn How To Pick A Lock.

Here we will cover the basics on how to pick a lock. Standard house locks consist of a cylindrical shaft, inside the shaft is a rotating plug. The key goes into a key way which is connected to the plug. Drilled into the shaft and plug are holes, into which three or more pins fit on top of each other, three or more pins per hole which is typically five or six pins. The pin on top is spring loaded, and called the top pin, the pin below the shear line is the bottom pin. The point at which the key pin must reach in order for the plug to rotate and the allow the lock to open, is called the shear point. When all pins are exactly aligned at the shear line, the plug is free to spin within the shaft and the lock will open. Locks that have master keys and/or sub master key setups are very easy locks to pick because there is more than one shear point for each pin. There are many other ways how to pick a lock such as electronic picks. The method described above is the manual method. If you need an expert to pick your lock, Affordable Locksmith OKC can be reached at (405) 367-3484.