5 Things You Need to Do Before Calling a Locksmith

Door lock problems can occur at any time. Most of the lock issues are known to occur at odd working hours or when you least expect it. According to recent research, lock problems in the US have increased by 30% in the last five years.

The popularity of mechanical lockouts is high than most people think. The term mechanical lockout is used to refer to a faulty lockout which can prevent you from entering. Whenever you experience a complete lock failure, calling a locksmith can probably be the best option. However, there are a few tricks which you can always try that could save you loads of cash especially during the wee hours.


Here are some of the five things you can always do before calling a locksmith.

1.Lubricating the Lock

Locks are known to have several moving parts and they always need to be lubricated from time to time in order to keep the lock working properly and help in reducing wear and tear. In case you are experiencing any trouble with your key turning when inside a lock or getting into the lock, you can always try lubricating it. Just puff or spray a small amount of lubricant into the keyhole. In case lubricating the lock fails, you can contact locksmith service Edmond ok.

2.Try Jiggling in case of a bad key

You can decide to move your lock key in and out gently and turning it. It can work wonders. If it does not open, you can always add some lubricants into the equation to see if it can work. Such a problem is usually due to a key poorly cut or warns pins in the lock. The lubricants can help in the short term basis but having your key totally rekeyed can be the best long term option.

3.Try Lifting the Door

The doors are known to be generally heavy something which puts a lot of stress on the hinges thereby causing the door to drop. This can easily jam the latch. The house structures can also move thereby causing the problem. By pulling up the handle as you turn the key, it can be enough to release the latch.

4.You Can Always Try Both Keys at the Same Time

You can only apply this trick to the entrance sets which usually have the push buttons on the inside with an extra dead latch fitted above the knob set. The traditional knob sets containing the push buttons at the back usually has two functions. You can always push the button to help lock the outside knob and turn the key in order to release the knob. The second function is storeroom or vestibule function where the key retracts latch to open. This function is usually activated whenever the button is pushed in and turned clockwise at the same time. Several people never know if they have activated the function.

In case you have two keys, you can always turn both keys into the same lock at the same time. However, if you have one key, you can just place your foot at the bottom of the door and apply a slight pressure as you turn the key in the knob set.

5.Try Pulling the Door towards You

There are times when jamming the door can make the small dead latch to trigger of a knob set to jam inside the plate strike. Whenever you are trying to turn the key, the key will not turn. In case you are opening the doors inwards, you can always try to pull the door towards you a few times while turning the key. In case you are interested in opening the door outwards, you can try pushing the door hard away from you while turning the key.